Kind of an update:

Hey, everyone.

Sorry I’ve been incommunicado, but I’ve been dealing with some fluctuating health problems over the last few months. Everything seems stabilized for now though.

That being said, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from authors and artists who have been keeping up with the schedule. I need to know who still wants to participate and whether or not to extend the schedule (here’s a form for participants!)

Anyone who signed up should’ve received this in an e-mail as well. Please let me know if you signed up and didn’t get anything.


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raining-in-adelaide’s awesome story When You Least Expect It for the RotGBB Lightning Round.

Sorry this is late. I had two drawing tablets and two cars break on me this past week, and thank you so much to Verdi for helping me finish this!!


Catching Legends (or Why Jack Should Have Gone to Freeze the Toothpaste) by Inomuiro

For the RotGBB - Lighting Round :) I really enjoyed working with Inomuiro, she’s pretty nice and her fic is cute and made me laugh a lot <3 

And this was our first Big Bang! :D


ROTG Big Bang piece #2!

Companion piece for the awesome awesome story The Break In by 

i had a good time with this one 8 B North is so damned cool…go read this amazing story!!!


ROTG Big Bang time!

Companion piece for the beautiful story Starlight by MuchyMozzerella!

man. it looks so very dark 8 CCCC i dunno why but if it keeps being DARK i am gonna edit it…

anyway, yeah! GO READ THIS STORY. it is beautiful!


My art for Rise of the guardians Big Bang 2013 Lightning round! this is art for Avis’ story, ‘To each his own Lonely Grave’. I will link to the story as soon as it is posted!

The rest of the ROTG big bang sstories can be found at

Story is up now!


For the RotG Lightning!Big Bang!

My art to appreciatorofthefictional’s lovely JackRabbit fic… which I think hasn’t been posted yet. I’m sure it will be soon though!

I had a lot of fun with this so many thanks to our organizer and my writer! Hope all of you are enjoying your dvds!

Carrotcake by appreciatorofthefictional

Lightning Round

We’re still waiting on a few people to turn in their submissions so a master post will be up as soon as those come in. Thank you for your patience!

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This is my art for the RotGBB - Lightning Round. My image accompanies Kiyuo’s fiction Warped

Good luck to all the BB participants, and thank you Kiyuo for a fun drawing prompt! 

Artist rough drafts

The deadline has been moved to March 3. Please get these e-mailed in by Sunday or North’s elves will be sent to collect